At Events with Purpose we believe in practicing what we preach. Two of our favorite things are Corporate Social Responsibility and fresh, healthy food! We love preparing fresh food right here in our office for lunch everyday.

While it’s obviously healthy for our nutrition – the teamwork involved in whipping up a tasty shared lunch is also is great for our workplace health.
This year one of our spring resolutions was to make these lunches more sustainable and local, as part of our very own social responsibility. We noticed a nice and sunny west-facing patch of grass/weeds next to our parking lot that we decided would be the perfect place for a herb garden.

With some scrap 4×4 pressure treated wood from our neighbours on the pier (free) and some borrowed shovels (also free) we began work digging and framing out a 10′ by 4′ raised planter. After a couple hours of teamwork/labour we topped the planter off with a $15 bag of soil, and some half-priced herbs from our friends up the road at the Beech Nursery. The results have been instant. We now enjoy our very own fresh sourced cilantro, sage, dill, parsley, oregano, chives and much more! Contact us for your very own culinary consultation and see how Events with Purpose can help boost your workplace’s productivity both inside and beyond your office walls.

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