We’re proud to partner with one of Toronto’s greenest spaces! Toronto Botanical Garden (TBG) has energizing landscapes and rooms infused with natural light that are perfectly suited for small staff retreats and executive meetings to large corporate luncheons, cocktail receptions, fundraisers and holiday parties.

Take for example the main entrance; the Dembroski Centre for Horticulture, which completed its renovation in 2005. This unique structure houses offices, educational spaces and a retail store. More than half of sloping green roof atop the 5000 square foot glass pavilion is planted in drought-resistant sedum, which reduces storm water run off and minimizes solar heat gain through roofs.

The building has been recognized with a Toronto Green Award, in addition to a silver – rated LEED certification (Leadership in Energy and Design). The Centre also features several stunning halls and events spaces, such as the Floral and Garden Halls, each with their own private garden courtyards with views of the 17 award winning themed gardens. For smaller groups, classroom style studios can be arranged to suit the dynamic of the event.

Whether you’re looking to organize an offsite day of strategic planning or meetings combined with a teambuilding programing, TBG has a perfect space for any group. Guests feel connected to nature while contributing to community causes!

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