The Don Valley is much more than a parkway (or “parking lot” as referred to by the majority of Toronto commuters), it’s a 440 acre green space connecting the GTA, from the Oak Ridges moraine to Lake Ontario. Our city’s intricate ravine system is really something special. Most Torontonians aren’t aware of how unique our city is, in fact, Toronto may just be the fresh water capitol of the world.

Last Wednesday, my colleague Marc and I made our way over to Evergreen Brick Works to sit in on the latest edition of the “Don Dialogues series”. The series was created by Evergreen in an effort to bring together like-minded Torontonians to discuss issues surrounding the Don Valley and the idea of converting it to a super park.

The latest installment of Don Dialogues featured a film screening of Accidental Parkland, a documentary project focusing on the changing nature and sustained value of Toronto’s waterfront and ravine system. The film offers a self – reflexive commentary, from a citizen’s perspective, about the city’s exponential growth, and the different ways public spaces are being utilized.

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