An eco-friendly
amazing race!

Team building to aid bee pollination.

What is it?

Like bees flying from flower to flower, this Android tablet-based scavenger hunt sees teams racing from hotspot to hotspot throughout the Toronto Botanical Garden to solve pollination- or plant-themed clues and earn points. Participants have a blast problem solving as a group, completing a series of unique interactive challenges to unlock the location of eight bee house parts scattered throughout the gardens.

How It Works

After locating each piece, teams exchange their points for tools to assemble and paint their bee houses. The first team to cross the finish line with their completed, guide-approved bee house is crowned Queen Bee – but only after successfully answering one final skill-testing question.

This customizable, eco-friendly team building program fuses competition with camaraderie, but its ability to enlighten and educate participants about our environment and the vital role our pollinators play is what makes it special. Bees help our farmers successfully produce two-thirds of the food crops we eat every day. It is vital that we do everything we can to protect bees by creating thriving bee-friendly spaces within our community. This is why each completed bee house is donated to local pollinator projects after the hunt is over.

Urban Buzz is an incredible opportunity to connect the people who power your organization to a worthy cause. Program participants not only get a chance to contribute to the vitality of our community, they also benefit from having fun with their peers. Improved team communication, collaboration, and morale is only a scavenger hunt away!

Hosted at Toronto Botanical Garden


Programmed with the answers to every question, your tablet automatically allots points and can limit the number of guesses you get.


With the latest built-in GPS technology so you can see where your team AND your opponents are during the entire scavenger race.


Helps boost team morale and bee population growth. This eco-friendly amazing race does a world of good for the community and our friends from the hive.


Educates participants about Toronto’s bee population, plant fertilization and teaches them how to make pollinator-friendly decisions.

All of our events are highly customize-able.